Monoclonal Antibody to HMGB1 (Clone: ABM24C2)

Product code: 10-4023

Clonality : Monoclonal
Application : FACS, WB
Reactivity : Human

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Gene : HMGB1
Gene ID : 3146
Uniprot ID : P09429
Alternative Name : HMGB1, HMG1
Format : Purified
Amount : 100 µg
Clone name : ABM24C2
Isotype : Mouse IgG2b Kappa
Immunogen Information : A partial length recombinant HMGB1 protein (amino acids 1- 200) was used as the immunogen for this antibody.

HMGB1 (High-mobility group protein B1) is a 25 kDa non-histone chromatin protein, secreted by immune cells through leaderless secretory pathway. HMGB1 supports transcription and also interacts with nucleosomes to loosen packed DNA and remodel the chromatin. The presence of HMGB1 in the nucleus depends on posttranslational modifications. When the protein is not acetylated, it stays in the nucleus, but hyperacetylation on lysine residues causes it to translocate into the cytosol. HMGB1 has the ability to bend DNA in order to facilitate binding of other proteins to the DNA. HMGB1 has one important role in V(D)J recombination where act as a cofactor of the RAG complex. HMGB1 stimulates a plethora of cellular responses like inflammation, attracting inflammatory cells, recruiting stem cells and promoting their proliferation. HMGB1 is highly expressed in human kidney, tonsils, adipose tissue, adrenal cortex and amniotic fluid.

Purification : Protein G Chromatography
Content : 25 µg in 50 µl/100 µg in 200 µl PBS containing 0.05% BSA and 0.05% sodium azide. Sodium azide is highly toxic.
Storage condition : Store the antibody at 4°C, stable for 6 months. For long-term storage, store at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles.

Western blot analysis: 2-4 µg/ml, FACS analysis: 0.5 µg/10^6 cells

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