Bioinformatics Services

Taking advantage of available gene and protein information, from scientific literature, web data base and
other sources and availability of novel bioinformatics softwares, ABGENEX aims to provide in-silico analysis support of data generated from the day to day research and assist the researchers to reach their objectives.

We can provide following services.

  • In- silico Epitope Mapping Online tool
  • Proteome / Transcriptome Analysis
  • Antibody Portal
  • Sequence & Structure Analysis
  • Data Curation from Biological Databases – Email ID Extractor from Pubmed, Protolink
  • Data Mining, Data Analysis
  • Contract Research

ABGENEX provide following services through Protein Lounge

  • 3D Animation
  • Biovisualizer
  • Biological Posters
  • Individual Subscription
  • Institutional Subscription