As an innovative antibody and reagent supplier company ABGENEX provides wide range of custom services including antibody development, recombinant protein production and stable cell line development to the biomedical institutes and industries worldwide. With combined experience of more than thirty years in biomedical research in academia and industries, our scientists have the skills and tools necessary to help you at every step of the process, from design to production and validation. ABGENEX provides the most inclusive custom services utilizing the expertise and experience of working with researchers from various industries and research institutes.

Every project begins with one on one interaction with the end user to understand the requirement and evaluated on the basis of identification and selection of specific sequences, in case of peptide based antibody development/production, concentration and purity of the immunogen, in case of immunogen supplied by customer as well as any other special requirements like purification methods etc. Once the project requirement s are finalized, then a project proposal is prepared and price quote is submitted, which address the costs as well as the scope of work with an estimated timeline of the project.

Once the project is initiated, our client is being provided with information on development regularly. Our Custom Service Manager is available for any consultation.

Our endeavour always is to produce and deliver highest quality research reagents within stipulated time frame.