Fast-Track Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

The ability of antibody to bind to its target molecule with high selectivity and affinity has made it an extremely important tool for biomedical research.

Ideally, an antibody should have a high affinity and specificity for its target and be produced quickly. By employing the regular monoclonal antibody production methodology, which usually produces high affinity antibodies, however it takes 6-7 months to generate a specific antibody. On the other hand, though the antibodies selected from in vitro libraries can be generated more rapidly but are typically of lower binding strength that makes them unsuitable to be used in applications which involves extensive washing/harsh treatments.

To overcome both the limitations i.e. duration of production and quality, a new simple method has recently been developed known as Repetitive Immunizations at Multiple Sites (RIMMS) (Kilpatrick et al., 1997). This method though similar to the regular monoclonal antibody production which involves fusion of spleen cells and myeloma cells, but differs in somatic fusion of immune B cells which undergo germinal centre maturation in lymph nodes. The site of immunizations is typically located near the lymph nodes.

ABGENEX is proud to announce introduction of its new Fast-Track Monoclonal Antibody Development service (Monoclonal AntibodyFT) which is based on RIMMS. We are the only company in India to provide this service and as a committed research based organization, we are taking utmost care in delivering high quality custom monoclonal antibody within an incredible timeline.

Salient Features of Fast-Track Monoclonal Antibody Development/Production Service/RIMMS

  • 16 Day immunization protocol
  • Fusion on Day-21
  • Screening from Day-35

Advantages of Fast-Track Monoclonal Antibody Development service/RIMMS

  • Requires very less antigen (2 mg, with more than 1 mg/ml concentration)
  • Requires only 90 days for production of monoclonal antibody
  • A reliable and robust method for making a more diverse repertoire of antibodies or antibodies directed against conformational epitopes

Additional 4 weeks is required if the custom Monoclonal AntibodyFT service requires peptide synthesis, mass spec, KLH conjugation. For custom Monoclonal AntibodyFT development service in which the immunogen is supplied can be started immediately.

Additional Service

  • Custom peptide and gene synthesis
  • Stable cell line generation
  • Custom Recombinant protein production for antibody development in India
  • Custom polyclonal antibody development service against Phospho/Acetylated protein in India
  • Custom polyclonal antibody development service in Rabbit/Mice/Rat in India