Epitope Design & Peptide Synthesis

As an innovative antibody and reagent supplier company ABGENEX provides a full range of custom antibody services for the life science & Biomedical industry. With over twelve years of antibody experience our scientists have the skills and tools necessary to help you at every step of the process, from antigen design to antibody production and validation.

We use PROTEIN HYDROPLOTTER (http://www.proteinlounge.com) to design the epitopes. While designing the epitope we take care of the specific requirements mentioned by the customer. Using selective criteria and past experience, we help you design antigens that mimic the presentation of epitopes in native proteins and produce antibodies to meet your criteria.

Output report includes:

  • Epitope map
  • Selected antigens with scoring
  • Homology data
  • Highlighted peptide sequence position

In addition to our PROTEIN HYDROPLOTTER, dedicated project managers with experience in making polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies work with you from the beginning to the end of your project and ensure the highest level of sevice. Please download the epitope design form by clicking here and send us back for further process. 

For additional information on peptide design and synthesis services or to request a quote please mail us at [email protected]